Opening News


CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome 2 - Stay Bad Ass

Video Premier and Party at Gletscherspalte with DJ Martin Privïé[more]


Betterpark Hintertux Set Up Update

Wille Kaufmann and his crew are working hard at the moment to get the park in shape for the Hotzone Opening. Right now following obstacles are open:[more]


Party tickets sale started now

one ticket for all parties and video premiers[more]


Pleasure Kids Shoot

Kids can take part in the Kids Shoot and try to score a cover-like shot with Pleasure photographer Fischi. [more]


DJ Phekt performs at 10th Anniversary Opening Night

Phekt is well known from FM4-HipHop-Show Tribe Vibes[more]

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Pirate Movie Premiere: Perceptions

on Friday October 4th in Tux Center[more]

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DJ Socom (London) on the decks at Shred Party

He started DJing in 1999 and plays both sides of the Atlantic, from bars and clubs, to festivals like Outlook Croatia, Horizon Bulgaria, Snowbombing Austria, Freeze London and numerous snow events. From London and the UK, to...[more]

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Hotzone Opening video report - The day before

here is todays video report with Hotzone team rider Werni Stock