Video Thursday

Hotzone Opening video report - The day before

The day bofore the Opening

Opening News


Video Report - the day after

Werni Stock and Marko Grilc went up to the park the day after the opening with perfect weather conditions.


Daily report - Sunday

Pleasure Kids Shoot with Steve Gruber and Mone Monsberger


Daily report - Saturday

Saturday report of the Hotzone Park Opening Hintertux,


Daily report - Friday

Alarmclock Battle at Hotzone Opening Hintertux


Video report - the day before

The first Hotzone Opening Video Report one day before the official start


Mr. Dero & Klumzy Tung headliner at Opening Night

Delivered by Stork 923 miles apart. Raised on a diet of Fish 'n' Chips 'n' Schnitzel. Acquainted by a chance meeting with a Werewolf. Conjoined by a shared passion for music. Mr.Dero (Graz) & Klumzy Tung (London) are a DJ/MC...[more]


The Beatceps (BCN/IBK) perform at Shred Warm Up Party

Catalunian-Tyroian DJ-Collective[more]