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30.09.2016 17:49 Age: 301 days

Snowboarding 2017 - It‘s On!

Blue Skies, a perfectly shaped snow park and the best boards by the hottest snowboard brands available for free test-rides - Hintertux and open the snowboard season 2016 / 17 with a bang!

Werni Stock by Andreas Monsberger

First things first: The Betterpark Hintertux is a pristine piece of snow and rail architecture! Trust the pros, they know. Werni Stock, Clemens Millauer, Marco Grilc, Mario Käppeli, Simon Pircher, Peter Sandner and Michi Schatz were taking laps with a smile while challenging rookies backside 900°, corked 1080°, backlip and the hardway. The rookies response to this challenge? Yes please! When considering that the groundworks for the comp-season to come are to be layed down in this time of the year, we can expect an amazing Slopestyle Comp Scene in 2017.

Also worth mentioning: Cameo appearances of snowboard legends such as Sani Alibabic. Sani left technical difficulties to the kids and focused on his core competency. You cannot buy style, but you can watch Sani doing back fives and methods in order to get the idea. It will be amazing to see the rest of the Ästhetiker crew join Sani tomorrow, inspire kids while running the GoPro Kids Shoot and pop out a few airs themselves. Just think Steve Gruber, Wolle Nyvelt, Friedl Kolar... Nice!  

What else: There was absolutely no wind! Hence tanning was an option at the Tuxer Fernerhaus and so was the process of delicately evaluating riding prospects for future mountain and in-city winter adventures also known as board-check. Testrides by your favorite snowboard brands were on and for free. So bring a passport as pawn in case you want to meet your future wife or husband at the Hintertux Opening. 

Live-Cam Gefrorene Wand

Here you find the live webcam with the perfect view to Betterpark Hintertux
Location height: 3250 m watch live cam




Opening News


Hotzone Opening Hintertux 2017

The date is fixed October 5th - 8th [more]


Slush Surfing and LibTechs Cash for tricks Event

ran in-front the Ferner Haus restaurant patio[more]


1 extra day of snowboard-testing

The park opening Hintertux was pure awesomeness[more]


Grommets, Shredder, boards, bindings, boots

After slightly choking in the morning this Saturday becomes one for the books, definitely worth some chatter during todays post-sunset recreational program.[more]


This is The Method Movie.

World Premier in Tux Center on Sept 30th[more]


Daddy Nature (Rompa´s Reggae Shack) and Shumba Youth

at Openning Night, Hohenhaus Tenne Hintertux[more]


GoPro Kids Shoot

Kids can take part in the GoPro Kids Shoot and learn to shoot and edit their own video.[more]