< Ethan Morgan checking out Betterpark Hintertux
25.09.2017 19:31 Age: 242 days

MC Ardi Live at Opening Night

Hohenhaus Tenne, Hintertux, Ocotber 7th, Who´s ABOUT!?

MC Ardi at Snowbombing 2017, Photo by Gobinder Jhitta

Hailing from North Italy, Ardi has deep roots in the music scene both at home, in Europe and further afield. Having created a name for himself as an MC as part of the musical collective Mother Inc, Ardi has now taken to the decks enabling him expand the boundaries that his music and sounds are able to reach. With focus on a number of genres of music Ardi always comes correct with the musical selection.


Live-Cam Gefrorene Wand

Here you find the live webcam with the perfect view to Betterpark Hintertux
Location height: 3250 m watch live cam




Opening News


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"Don´t you find" Video Premier

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Ethan Morgan checking out Betterpark Hintertux

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Absinthe Films presents upcoming movie „TurboDojo“

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Kids Shred

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Daddy Nature granddaddy of Rompa's Reggae Shack

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Riders Service at Hotzone Opening

Don´t miss any session at the Hotzone weekend! This is a SMS service for all motivated riders who want to join!