Successful Season Kick-Off at hotzone.tv Hintertux Opening 2015

Hotzone.tv Park Opening Hintertux 2015 Wrapup – October 1 to 4, 2015

This year’s hotzone.tv Park Opening at Hintertux Glacier/Austria once again created the unique opening feeling despite challenging weather conditions. While the clouds hung low all weekend, the opening visitors were avid testers of the latest snowboard gear, enjoyed jib sessions in the perfectly shaped Betterpark Hintertux, and celebrated the season kick-off at the legendary parties.


After the Pre Opening Party at PapperlaPUB in Hintertux on Thursday, 1 October, the on-mountain action began on Friday: A total of 31 brands in the Test Area at the Tuxer Fernerhaus awaited the eager opening visitors with the latest snowboard gear. The Alarm Clock Battle was the first highlight of the weekend: Pros like Rowan Coultas, Roli Tschoder, Rudi Kröll, Moritz Amsüss and Werni Stock showed on the Alarm Clock corner obstacle that they haven’t forgotten their shred skills over summer.


And despite low visibility many opening visitors enjoyed shredding the jib lines. In the evening the Opening community gathered at the Tux Center for the premiere of the new Absinthe film “EVERSINCE”. Afterwards they moved on to two more premieres – of Different Direction and 686 Seconds – in the Gletscherspalte or the SHRED Warm Up Party at Kleine Tenne. As every year visitors partied with national and international pros like Marko Grilc, Roope Tonteri, Cheryl Maas, Sarka Pankochova, Levi Luggen, Werni Stock, Simon Pircher, Tom Klocker, Mario Käppeli, Sebbe de Buck, Seppe Smits, Marco Feichtner, Daniel und Benny Mösl, Julia Baumgartner, Flo Corzelius, Rowan Coultas and Steve Gruber.


Saturday saw many freestyle enthusiasts go up on the mountain early, to hone their jib skills in the park. Brands were very happy with the run on their test boards, boots, bindings, outerwear and goggles. However, since the Olperer Mountain stayed hidden in clouds, the Session of the Dudes had to be canceled. Instead, many pros showed their skills on a donkey rail during the Cash for Trix Session. Pros like Werni Stock, Rowan Coultas, Benny and Daniel Mösl, Steve Küberl and Dominik Metzler showed tricks that made even hardway front 270s look like a walk in the park.


In the Hintertux parking lot a MotoX Trial show went down, and many enjoyed winning goodies at poker, black jack and roulette tables. The band Harem fuelled the good vibes and various brand and magazine tents were worth a visit, too. Saturday night featured the highlight of the weekend: the Grand Opening Night at Hohenhaus Tenne/Hintertux. Headliners Mr. Dero (Graz) & Klumzy Tung (London) made the entire venue shake as did the other acts like Dusty Lungs of the Urban Nerds, OnefourJ, J Handsome and DJ Soco. They kept the party going until very late.


While on Sunday morning many freestylers still licked their party wounds, the hotzone.tv Kids Shoot took place in the Betterpark Hintertux. Mone Monsberger took photos of the groms, which were coached by Steve Gruber. The test area was ready for some more testing, and then slowly but surely the visitors went on their way home with a big smile. Local Hero Werni Stock summarized the event: “It is insane how stoked everyone was in the park and at the parties despite the weather, and how motivated the riders are. It’s just good vibes at the season opening!”


Of course the legendary Gockel (rooster) will return in 2016: The next hotzone.tv Park Opening Hintertux will take place from 29 September to 2 October 2016.


By the way: The Betterpark Hintertux will be shaped daily and is the ideal place to improve your freestyle skills before the main season begins. Check the day after edit, where Marko Grilc and Werni Stock introduce the park and its features in bluebird conditions.



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