Next winter is just around the corner! Save the Date for the Opening of the Year!

Hotzone.tv Park Opening Hintertux, October 5 – 8th, 2017

The first and best snow park of the season, the latest boards and bindings ready for testing, chilled out sessions with prize money, the fun GoPro Kids Shooting, After Shred Session with Pumptrack and Casino, Absinthe Video Premiere and History Gallery, positive vibes, Pro‘s, Am‘s and “ordinary shred mortals” as well as of course party galore with fat sound! These are the attributes that account for the Hotzone.tv Park Opening being what it is: THE Snowpark Opening of the Year! - Mark October 5-8th in your calender right away! Because we can reveal one more thing right here and now: from the Opening on, the Betterpark Hintertux will boast a Halfpipe!

A Pizza Session with fine tunes in the Kleinen Tenne in Tux will kick start the Opening already on Thursday evening, October 5th, before things will get serious on Friday, October 6th. The test booths are set up at the Tuxer Fernerhaus in the morning and the Park is ready for the first session offering monetary prizes up for grabs, with a whole array of shred-ready obstacles on the Pro, Medium and Small Line, including the brand new Pipe! Friday night is concluded with the Video Premiere of the new Absinthe Films movie in the Tux-Center, followed by the Opening Party in the Kleinen Tenne in Tux.

Saturday night will see the party folks storming the Hohenhaus Tenne in Hintertux, after the park has been rocked all day, including the Session of the Dudes. Following this successful “day of work” on the mountain, the Aftershred Session on the parking lot of the Hintertuxer Gletscherbahnen invites to hang out by the go-shred BBQ, the open air Casino or the Pumptrack.

And of course Sunday is no lazy day either! Kids are meeting again for the GoPro Kids Shoot, just like on Saturday, while everyone else can make the best out of park and test booths again, to tune in and get into the mood for the upcoming season.



Recap Video Opening 2016

Hotzone.tv Park Opening Hintertux: Let‘s start into the winter freestyle season!

Blue Skies, a perfectly shaped snow park and the best boards by the hottest snowboard brands available for free test-rides - Hintertux Glacier and hotzone.tv open the winter season of 2016 / 17 with a bang!  

First things first: The Betterpark Hintertux is a pristine piece of snow and rail architecture! Trust the pros, they know. Werni Stock, Clemens Millauer, Marco Grilc, Mario Käppeli, Simon Pircher, Peter Sandner and Michi Schatz were taking laps with a smile while challenging rookies backside 900°, corked 1080°, backlip and the hardway. The rookies response to this challenge? Yes please! When considering that the groundworks for the comp-season to come are to be layed down in this time of the year, we can expect an amazing Slopestyle Comp Scene in 2017. Despite all the pro-athleticism, core-shreds with a taste for the creative side of snowboarding rather than big points, showed their idea of radical while pursuing extensive trick battles on the medium line, in the rail garden and on the camel-back jib-section section, which was marking the closing meters of the Betterpark Hintertux run. When recapping what was going on there, it is fair to say that Innsbruck‘s infamous Sane! Crew epitomized what a lot of snowboarders and park-rats seek out in snowboarding of 2017 - good on you snowboarding!

Also worth mentioning: Cameo appearances of snowboard legends such as Sani Alibabic. Sani left technical difficulties to the kids and focused on his core competency. You cannot buy style, but you can watch Sani doing back fives and methods in order to get the idea. What else could you have done? Shred the groomers of the Hintertux glacier resort of course, leave the park to the park-riders and follow the dream of a perfect carve while slashing corduroys and linking up toe- and heel-edge turns. Surfing under a glacial sun - what a bliss!  

So far for the young-guns and the seniors but there was also a designated event for the kids - the grommets as one might call them. 7 to 11 year olds popped out their parental homes in bundles to take part in the GoPro Kids Shoot. The attending freestyle coaches - most of them founding members of the Ästhetiker crew - did their best to give the grommets an idea of how freestyle can be done. This actually only started on the mountain and ended at the „After Shred Session At Hintertux Parking“ where Steve Gruber and Sani Alibabic lead a train of skateboarding kids through a pump-track while mum and dad had a beer and a band from Allgäu was blues-rocking next to the Templeton booth. After the party comes the after-party - After the „After Shred Session at Hintertux Parking“ there came Sunday. And Sunday saw all the kids participating in the GoPro Kids Shoot meeting up at the Tuxer Fernerhaus where GoPros Markus Fischer and video-producer Andreas Monsberger aka MonEpic held an editing work-shop for the GoPro Kids Shoot participants. This resulted in an number of clips ready to be judged for their creative and their snowboard-qualities by the one and only Steve Gruber. Before leaving the mountain GoPro awarded 3 winners and the GoPro Kids Shoot - once again -proved to bring kids together, spawn their snowboarding-creativity and build bridges direction professional snowboarding. Well done!

Who else did well? Oh yeah, LibTech got people keen on shredding rails with their Sunday Cash for Trix event run in-front the Tuxer Fernerhaus patio. Top earners were a 50/50 to Back Lip revert and a Straight Stale-Fish packing the complete straight-gap-to-double-kink-donwrail set. Pretty pro what amateurs are capable of these days. LibTech also added gear-prizes to the 350 Euros at stake - a pretty core event from a core brand!

Even more core snowboard gear was to be found in the restaurant-area in-front of the Tuxer Fernerhaus. hotzone.tv had invited their snowboard brand-partners to install testing-booths around the RedBull DJ table and so the process of delicately evaluating riding prospects for future mountain and in-city winter adventures, also known as board-check, was pretty on for the whole weekend up until monday. Test-rides of boards by your favorite snowboard brands were on and for free. So in case you are starting to think about coming over for yourself next year - bring a passport as pawn in case you want to meet your future wife or husband at the hotzone.tv Park Opening Hintertux snowboard test-center.

Last but not least: The Party! While Method Mag‘s and Absinthe‘s 2017 movie productions marked the highlights of Friday night and the Stock families‘ hospitality got people fired up for a party in the Hohenhaus Tenne on Saturday, it was Travis Rice‘s deal to prove himself as a motivator for people to leave the house on sunday. Which he actually did. Almost everybody had encountered his or her personal „Fourth Phase“ during the weekend, so it was amazing to see how many people left home to check out Travis‘ RedBull powered vision of shredding the global water-cycle. What an ender to a weekend, which had been tuned up by DJs using the full arsenal of party-tracks stemming from the genres of Ragga & Dancehall, Hip Hop, Trip Hop, House, Drum n‘ Base and some delicate London Jungle to end all hope for a hangover-free tomorrow. Thanks boys!

The hotzone.tv Park Opening Hintertux is in the books. Get your shred on now and train your tricks so you can raise the bar in 2017. Or just come for the carves, the party, the free gear-testing and overall good-times. See you next year, have a great season. 2017 will see the hotzone.tv Park Opening Hintertux happening from October the 5th to October the 8th. Do not miss!

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